Managed Services – Previous


Cloud Managed Services​


Managed Service By Us

  1. Server Health Monitoring
  2. Server Hardening
  3. OS Patching with Security Updates
  4. Server time log maintenance
  5.  Managing Data Redundancy Policy
  6.  Maintaining Network & Security groups
  7. Maintaining VPC
  8. Automation Servers

Managed By Cloud Providing Platforms (AWS/AZURE/Google)

  1. Server
  2. Storage
  3. Network
  4. Notifications & Alarms​

Optional Service Provided By Us

  1. SAP Hosting Services
  2. SAP BASIS Administration
  3.  SAP Installation/Operation
  4. SAP Patching
  5. SAP Monitoring​

Scope Exclusions

The following items will be excluded from the scope of work:
  1. On-premise VPN Configuration
  2.  Additional Software package configuration
  3. Public DNS Configuration
  4. Coordination with ISP service providers for any ISP link-related issues
  5. Licensing of software & management that are part of the Deployment
  6. Technical escalation Management

Customer Dependencies

  1. Adequate Internet bandwidth to access the Cloud infrastructure
  2. Adequate authentication and authorization enablement for security purposes
  3. Single point of contact for coordinating and interacting to discuss and plan the approved activities on the Infrastructure
  4. Customer escalation matrix and contact no for any additional support, as needed
  5. Redundant ISP connection in case of a network outage
  6. On-premise firewall device should be compatible with IPSec VPN
  7. VPN settings in a firewall for AWS connectivity
  8. IP address for VPN connectivity
  9. Downtime for Snapshot backup

Managed Services- Scope Statement

  • Creation of an AWS account for the Customer
  • Creation and configuration of Virtual private cloud
  • Configuration of Internet gateway and subnet for each availability zone
  • Configuration of private subnets for each availability zones
  •  Configuration of virtual private cloud ACL and security group
  • Provisioning of the EC2 instance in the cloud infrastructure as per the SAP HANA per requisite
  • Configuration of Cloud monitoring metrics for instance health monitoring
  • Configuration of auto-healing in AWS architecture
  • Basic Operating system configuration with the latest, recommended patch and update.
  • Installation of server basic roles based on the application requirement, if needed
  • Configuration of route table for traffic routing
  • Configuration of route table for traffic routing
  • Configuration of private IP addresses
  • Allocation of Public IP addresses to the Application and Database server
  • Mapping public IP addresses to cloud instances
  • Configuration of VPN gateway
  • Configuration of remote firewall connection to AWS VPN
  • Configuration of VPN to route traffic to on-premise
  • Configuration of Lambda function to auto shutdown the development instances (if available)
  • Configuration of the security group for incoming and outgoing traffic
  • Creating Server Snapshot backup to the Application server on a needed
  • Firewall configuration with ACL for the AWS servers, if needed